A powerful alliance with room for more

The Bakersfield Business Network is a group of professionals dedicated to helping one another grow in their business and gain professional advantages in the community and beyond. Our members are Owners and Decision Makers in their company with the authority to do business and the power to offer referrals.


The early bird catches the referrals

In your constant battle to beat the competition, BBN will give you a considerable advantage. Members share valuable referrals, new ideas and top quality resources. But your fiercest competitors are also eligible for membership. Only one company from your service category is welcome. By acting now, you can secure your position in one of the fastest growing groups of influence in Bakersfield.


Make the decision to network and watch your business grow

When you join BBN, you are welcomed into a community of business professionals eager to exchange referrals and business opportunities. The success of the group is built on the commitment of each individual member. The more active you become in BBN, the more rewarding your membership will be. BBN is one of the most profitable investments you can make in your business.

● Members are expected to familiarize themselves with the businesses of fellow members so they are able to recognize opportunity for them.

● Members agree to maintain an attendance requirement of 75% of all weekly meetings.

Value-added benefits of membership

● Weekly newsletter

● Social media exposure

● A valuable addition to advertising campaigns already in place

● Network directly with company decision makers every week

● Fellowship and counsel with community leaders and business owners

● Potential discount on goods and services

●Other prominent business owners refer and market your business by word of mouth


● Promote your business to those who can recommend your company to others

● Create new opportunities by doing business with fellow member companies

● Establish a network of dependable suppliers of top quality products and services

● Build relationships with influential people in all fields of business and industry

● Enjoy the camaraderie of other successful professionals who want to see your company prosper

● Discover information about changing trends in the marketplace before the competition does

● Learn management and marketing techniques that have helped other businesses succeed

● Gain leadership experience through involvement in the management and activities of BBN

Application process:

BBN Grows by invitation

The first step in applying for BBN Membership is to contact a current member regarding attending a breakfast meeting as their guest. You can see our list of members here. BBN focuses on relationship and we count on our current members to work within their business relationships to recruit strong candidates for membership.

Next, visit up to two BBN meetings to find out if it’s right for you and your business. Pick up a “guest packet” containing all the information and forms needed to apply for membership.

Complete the membership application and submit it to the BBN office.

The Executive Director will process the application before submitting it to the board for an admissions decision. Processing takes 1-4 weeks, depending on the date of the next available Board Meeting. All potential members meet with the BBN Board of Directors for a brief interview. After a vote, the Executive Director will contact you regarding the results and send your welcome packet.

BBN Members pay quarterly dues with a one-time $300 initiation fee due on approval of application. The first quarter’s dues are pro-rated based on the date of application approval.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Executive Director Jaime Johnson at 661-381-1226 or by email at